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Nate DeMaria is a classically trained violinist with a passion for improvisation and fiddle styles. Nate studied violin performance and string pedagogy at the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory under Dr. Julian Ross, and music education at SUNY Potsdam College, graduating with a B.A. in Music (2005). He received a scholarship to attend the 2001 National Orchestral Institute, studying with the nation’s finest symphony musicians. Discovering a talent for improvisation, he turned his focus to fiddle styles including bluegrass, rock, jazz, celtic, and klezmer. Nate is a founding member of the nationally touring Dave Matthews Tribute Band. Notable performances include the House of Blues in West Hollywood, the Cuyahoga Falls Amphitheatre, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Illinois State Fair. Nate held the position of lead fiddler with klezmer group Hypnotic Clambake while in hometown Rochester, NY, and was a house band member of the Roc City Pro Jam.

Nate has taught Suzuki Violin lessons for 19 years, receiving certification in 2007-08 from the Ithaca College Suzuki Institute. At SUNY Potsdam, he studied Suzuki Pedagogy with Dr. Sara Hersh, a student of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Nate utilizes a stylistically eclectic method, pivoting between fiddle tunes, folk music, and Suzuki repertoire in teaching string pedagogical concepts. The musical interests of the student inform the repertoire chosen, offering the student a unique lesson experience. Nate is a professional transcriber, offering students the ability to play their favorite songs.


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Traditionally Elegant Classical

From Bach to Mozart to Pachabel, hear the wedding bells ring the classical way...


Lesson Services


Fiddle lessons

Bluegrass, Rock, Celtic, Appalachian, Old-time, Folk, Klezmer, Blues

Learn violin technique identical to classical training through the vehicle of fiddle music. Choose songs from a deep repertoire of fiddle tunes, folk songs, country tunes, and rock fiddle solos.

Suzuki Method violin lessons

The tried and true method of Classical Violin technique development

Drawn from over 20 years of Suzuki teaching experience, Nate will help you develop your musical ear the Suzuki way. He studied with a student of the original Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, and took certification classes at the Ithaca Suzuki Institute.

Improvisation lessons

Play along with backing tracks the way Jazz students learn.

By playing along with backing tracks, the improvisation student will learn to build their own solos, part write, and pick up melodies and chord progressions by ear. Fiddle along with Nate and his "perfect pitch" ear.





Lesson costs:

One hour= $55

1/2 hour =$30


EZ Play lessons for adult learners

Not enough free time in your schedule to learn to read music? Nate has created a numerical system to allow new adult students to play their favorite songs without learning to read music notation. Do not let a lack of free time get in the way of playing the tunes you love! You can have your tune converted to EZ Play notation free of charge.


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